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Private Charters & Special Requests

If you are interested in a Maine charter boat for a private cruise or special request, we are always willing to create a special day to suit your needs. When customizing your cruise, please plan to give us at least one week’s advance notice so we can try to reserve the dates requested. Perhaps you want the boat to yourself to cruise to view a special area of the Downeast coast, or perhaps you have something more creative in mind.

Many people choose the 3-hr. option if they want to view the puffins in a private charter.

The 5-hr. charter offers time to visit not only Puffins but all the local lighthouses as well as ten different islands and a great deal of wildlife. This can also include a chance to haul some of the captain’s traps from the bottom of the Atlantic and see Maine’s famous Lobster fishery in action. The 8-hr. option can be a combination of them all, including picnicking on an island, or if you have something different in mind, we would love to create it for you.

We do not offer Whale watching anymore due to the migration to feeding grounds moving further North out of our range. We do still see the occasional whale traveling through the offshore grounds however, there is certainly no guarantee of sightings. Trips offshore for a chance to see any whale activity have to fall under the 8hr charter. Due to fuel costs, running the boat 20 – 25 miles offshore is extremely expensive.

Land on an Island for a Few Hours of Hiking and Exploring

Bring a lunch and explore off-loading into a skiff is necessary for island landings.

This option will require at least a 5-hr. charter and will eat up most of the trip. For example, a trip to see the Puffins and other wildlife would have to be shortened greatly to fit an Island hike within the 5-hr. time frame. A shorter cruise time inshore is appropriate to incorporate with an island visit, however. 

The Kandi Leigh is Captained by Captain Robertson and is used for all inshore cruises as well as offshore cruises. She is a 32ft lobster boat style with a 500 HP Cummings diesel engine.


  • 3 hours charter: $550
  • 5 hours private charter: $850
  • 8 hours charter: $1,150