Atlantic Edge Outfitters

Atlantic Edge Outfitters has evolved from the roots of what was once one of Maine’s oldest and most reputable Sea duck hunting guide services Eiders Down.  Captain Robertson took over Eiders Down in 2011 and ran it successfully for ten years. As sea duck hunting evolved, the migration patterns, numbers, and weather patterns have changed as well. During this same time, the Robertson family was growing as well, with two young boys heavily involved in sports coming of age. During this time, Captain Robertson took a step back from booking and hosting large groups of hunters to focus more on his family. We have also transformed from targeting Sea ducks strictly with a primary focus on Eiders to a full waterfowl guide service.

Captain Robertson’s knowledge of the Maine coast and its wildlife stems from a lifetime of fishing and hunting the waterways and shores all along Downeast. Upon finishing school and pursuing his childhood dream of playing College baseball, he turned his sights to a life on the water. He has been commercial fishing for over 30 years in several industries, including lobster fishing, scallop and sea urchin diving, and as a marine bloodworm and clam harvester.

He is also an avid sportsman and waterfowl enthusiast, hunting and tracking migration patterns of coastal Maine’s sea ducks, including Eiders, Scoters, and Longtails. He has been a Registered Maine Guide for over 15 years and Licensed Captain for over 20 years.

We are proud to partner alongside Eider Pro Outfitters and Captain Rod Merrit for some of the best Waterfowl adventures in North America.

Our equipment used is second to none in North America to give you many options to hunt:

  • 32′ Lobster style boat
  • 32’Duckwater
  • 21′ Polar Craft Outlander
  • Both single- and double-layout boats
  • Sculling and sneak boat

Our equipment ensures safety and comfort in all weather conditions.

To book a 3-day hunt with full lodging and meals, go directly to Eider Pro Outfitters.

Atlantic Edge Outfitters is booking a limited number of hunters. We are affiliated with waterfront rentals for your lodging. You would be responsible for your own meals. Lunches are included in the hunt package. To book directly with Captain Robertson, call 207-461-7439.